The Weekly Banjo #18: Kona Longboard Lager

Yeah, I swore.  The beer is damned fine, and it gets better as it gets hotter outside.

A great lager is tough to find.


9 responses to “The Weekly Banjo #18: Kona Longboard Lager

  1. In abundance here … want me to fill the moving van?

    Also, it is now time to taste test the new line of Blue Moon “I so want people to think I’m a micro” beers. I had Honey Moon last night … go get a bottle. Fpr reallies.

  2. It was actually really good, honey and cinnamon tones. It was a lot of fun to drink to excess.

  3. Yea, well, I have a plan for when I reach Colorado.

  4. No, it’s going to be a weekly video blog about beer.

  5. Well, just make certain to update it once every 3 months, and I’m all over it.

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