Pure Tragedy.

I’m wondering if any of you out there can help me understand this post:

Giving up drinking beer…


4 responses to “Pure Tragedy.

  1. I can. What exactly do you want to know?

    • Glad you wrote.

      Even though I understand your intent, after reading your blog/column for quite awhile and treating it as a reference, I do wonder why you would ponder abandoning beer altogether…

      I’m certain you’ve gotten quite a bit of that since August.

  2. Banjo,

    Before we dare to allow John to tap the bottle, twist the cap, and speak for himself, let me posit this:

    That post is something of an amalgamation of Swiftian satire, professional quitter excuses, and complete fucking bullshit.

    The only other explanations would be:

    1) It was supposed to be posted in a few days on April 1. However, since it was posted 8/12/09, that is unlikely.

    2) OK, I dont have a solid #2 (hee hee, solid #2) … so the rationale becomes murky; i.e., The Fourth Kind-esque macro-brew abduction theories.

    Now, let’s allow John to give us his bullshit rationale for leaving the fold. Also, John, how successful of a quitter have you been? Quitter.

  3. It’s more fun when they play.

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