Weekly Banjo #13: Extracurricular Activities

While your beer-drinking habits should rightly take most of your focus, drinking is most often done as a community exercise.  If you are not just drinking to “get drunk” (more on this aberration next week), here are some other activities you may want to try:

  1. Trivial Pursuit.  Nothing beats trying to remember what the sam hell Cotton Mather did when the fog of three beers rolls over your eyes.
  2. Poker.  Any variety.  Success comes with inhibition and intellect.  Don’t get too drunk, or you’ll go broke.
  3. Scrabble.  Triple word score for awesome words?  Try coming up with the word “and” after one too many.

Remember that beer is a community beverage designed to make friends.  A game of Trivial Pursuit, Poker, or Scrabble may net you a friend for life.  Of course, if that doesn’t happen, you still have the best drink in the world in front of you to talk to.

Hello, Delicious.


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