The Weekly Question: Extreme Brews

A weekly investigative series covering the most important things in life.


It follows that in an age where the NFL has begun a network arm solely dedicated to broadcasting any football played within the 20-yard-line, some brewers have gone out of their way to excite their works.  Heavily-hopped IPAs, barleywines and angrily-named stouts abound.  So, fair drinker, do you tend toward these extreme beers, or do you take a more subtle approach?

Does this:


Yes, these are real.


Equal this:


Go America.





6 responses to “The Weekly Question: Extreme Brews

  1. While I tend to share the sentiments of Maddox regarding ‘extreme’ marketing, I like strong, super hoppy brews.

  2. Why do so many beers call themselves “Imperial”?

  3. An “Imperial” is a conventional type of beer whose recipe has been modified for more robustness–some are more malty, some darker, some more hoppy, and most are more alcoholic. It depends mostly on the style. An Imperial IPA will usually pack a bitter wallop and more alcohol, and an Imperial Stout will tend toward enough alcohol to balance its more heavy reliance on dark-roasted malts or specialty grains.

  4. I like turtles and trucknuts! But I only drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade, so this blog is probably not for me.

  5. Mike’s Hard Lemonade…it’s like wine coolers for boys who only have enough allowance for either a six pack or a bag of sour patch kids. And they made the wrong choice.

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