The Weekly Question: Can It?

Microbrewers such as Kettle House in Missoula, Big Sky Brewing of the same environs, and the ubiquitous New Belgium Brewing from Colorado have tiptoed into canning their microbrews, citing environmental concern as their chief motivator.  Would you, fair drinker, drink your real beer from a can?

Scotch Ale In A Can

Scotch Ale In A Can


3 responses to “The Weekly Question: Can It?

  1. Canned beer has a better taste because it does not allow in air or light. Canned beer, like Fat Tire by New Belgium Brewing, is tasty. Plus, you can take it on a float down the river.

    Alas, the debate isn’t about taste or the environment. For microbrew drinkers, it’s an aesthetic issue. Beer snobs apparently think beer in a can looks undignified.

    Listen, getting caught finger-banging your step-sister and short-sleeve turtlenecks are undignified. GOOD canned beer is tasty, you pretentious bastards.

  2. I can’t imagine it tastes any different, and the real snobs can always use a glass.

  3. good for floating the river, like the first poster said. and my two favorite beers of all time come in large cans…. Guiness and Cold Smoke.

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