Calling All Washingtonians: See You All Next Week

Starting today, the Washington Beer Fest, an amassing of all things great, important and local in beverage and cuisine, makes its home at Brouwer’s Cafe (the heavyweight champion of taprooms) in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  Successful drinkers who know precisely what’s good for them shall attend.  Sure, the hits on the Banjo will likely decrease, but this isn’t about what’s good for the Banjo; this is about what’s good for successful drinkers.  See you in a week.

I wish I owned my own private jet.

I wish I owned a private jet.


4 responses to “Calling All Washingtonians: See You All Next Week

  1. How do we differentiate a “successful” form an “unsuccessful” drinker?

  2. Successful: commenting on Sunday afternoon.

    Unsuccessful: commenting on Friday or Saturday night. Those are drinking hours.

  3. Depends on your job. The guys at NBB drink on their work breaks. Saw it myself.

  4. Drinking at NBB because you work there = Successful.

    Drinking before you fly a jetliner to Vegas = Unsuccessful.

    Drinking outside your own brewery = Successful.

    Drinking outside someone else’s brewery = Successful.

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