A humble request:

If you’re checking out this page (and my stats show that you are), drop a comment in the box naming your favorite beer, or whatever gurglings you wish to impart.   It’s good to know you.


4 responses to “A humble request:

  1. Top 5:

    Mac & Jack’s African Amber (easily tops the list)
    Diamond Knot India Pale Ale (or any good IPA)
    Warsteiner (best German beer there is, hands down)
    Ice cold PBR (especially in the summertime)
    Arrogant Bastard Ale (in a word: efficient)

    Still in search of the perfect IPA….

    • Searching for the perfect beer can be a daunting task, but you are in prime country for tackling the challenge. You may try searching for some uppity neighborhood breweries in your area. One of my favorite IPAs of all time is brewed by the Guterson kid at Silver City in Silverdale, WA. That beer is audacious enough that I’m surprised it didn’t invade Afghanistan.

  2. I like that Dave described Arrogant Bastard as “efficient” — makes it sound like Six Sigma for alcoholics.

    though I have to disagree with Dave on one thing, the best German beer is actually the answer to your question: Kreuzberg.


    Now, RB, let’s plan a trip to ze real Oktoberfest for next year.

  3. Now we’re talking. Never had the Kreuzberg; my favorite German beer so far is by Weihenstephaner. Never mind that the brewery there was started in 1040.

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